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My name is Lee Taylor-Belcher, owner of Happy Hearts Pet Care LLC. I am a native of Ann Arbor and grew up with a variety of pets from many cats and dogs to raccoons, goats, rabbits and ponies. After high school I worked office jobs in several local companies and even drove a school bus. I noticed that many of my coworkers were not happy with their jobs and when my 20 year old self would ask WHY they don’t move on to something else, the answer was always “I’ve been here to long to change now”. I knew I didn’t want to grow old doing a job a I would hate going to everyday so I thought about what I would enjoy doing for the rest of my life and since animals had always been an important part of my life I knew that if I could just find a way to be surrounded by furry friends and make a living I would live happily ever after. So in 1994 I figured it out and I became a full time, professional pet sitter dedicated to offering the West Ann Arbor area the BEST professional yet personal stay at home pet care service

My family consists of my husband Bruce, who owns an auto repair shop in Ypsilanti, My Car Guy, inc. We have 2 son’s Jordan and Jake. Our family pets are a collie mix, Sadie and 2 cool cats, Binks and Eva that have claimed us. Lucky the donkey, Pebbles and Bambam the goats and some chickens in the coop!

I continue to educate myself on pet care by attending pet related seminars and participating in local pet events. I have been an active volunteer at the Humane Society of Huron Valley since 2007 and also volunteer at Tiny Lions Cat Cafe and Starry Skies Equestrian Rescue.  I am a Certified Professional Pet Sitter through Pet Sitters International, completed Pet CPR/first aid training through the Red Cross and I continue to attend dog obedience/ behavior training with my own dogs. While I do not consider myself a trainer or behaviorist, with my years of experience with literally hundreds of pets I can offer helpful ideas for issues you may have with yours or connect you with one of the Certified Trainer/behaviorists that I have personally worked with.



Sadie joined our family July 2017. She is a 6yr old collie mix, a good ol mutt and she is a pretty special girl. For us, ADOPTION is the only option.



We adopted Lucky from Starry Skies Equestrian Rescue in May 2016. We could not have asked for a nicer donkey and he keeps the coyotes away!


Bambam & Pebbles

Pebbles and Bambam came came from Starry Skies Equestrian Rescue May 2016. Super cute, fun and they eat poison ivy!



Came to us as a stray tom cat back in 2005. He was so cool we decided to let him stay and got him neutered.



Cats are like potato chips, you can’t have just 1! So we adopted Eva from Happy Hearts Feline Rescue

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